• Respect the Shadow
  • Diane Sims
Respect the Shadow

 Inside all of us is our shadow side, our dark side. We have a tendency to try to ignore it, squish it, or fight it... and we are scared that if we look at it we will become it… as if it has got some weird ability to zombify us and make us do really bad things in the world.

The truth is we need to see our shadow and love it. By loving it, we are leading those aspects of us into the light. The shadow, the victim, the hurt child… it will probably will answer you with a strong “Screw you!’, but it needs your compassion … allow it its passion of hurt and fury at life. Say to pain, I am sorry, you deserve better; I am sorry you were abused, I am sorry you were abandoned, I am sorry you felt unloved.

Respect everything inside you. Love you. Honour the power of your pain… it is calling you to recognize it, to show empathy; it rises within you to be heard.

Listen to your anger, listen to your fear, listen to your sadness… until you listen you don’t know how deeply it goes within you.

Once you respect the shadow everything will change.

Try saying out loud to yourself; 

Hello insecurity, I respect your power.

Hello anger, I respect your power.

Hello shame, I respect your power.

Hello sadness, I respect your power.

Hello fear, I respect your power.

Hello anxiety, I respect your power.

Hello guilt, I respect your power.

Hello controlling behaviour, I respect your power.

Love is always the way forward. It will create a feeling of trust and peace, and remember it is a continuing, unfolding experience. Bring it all into the light of your own consciousness. Gently.

 Be kind to your selves. Diane xx

Inspired by Matt Kahn’s words.

  • Diane Sims