• Surrender
  • Diane Sims

Surrender… not normally a word I have ever liked... to me it always reeked of submission, acquiescence and, well to be frank, giving up.

I have discovered that it is in fact phenomenally freeing.

Now just to clarify I don’t want to encourage a ‘giving up’ mentality, but surrendering to the Universe (God, Source, Divinity- what ever your word is) means to connect, to join up with your innate power of being & allow the flow to happen.

Instead of double checking, reassessing, being sure, tangling yourself up in your often erroneous belief systems you instead breathe, inhale, exhale + TRUST.

Trust what?

Trust that you are loved for being wholly and unreservedly you; trust that all unfolds as and when it should.

Trust that life is for you not against you, that it in fact conspires to unfold you to become the fullest most developed version of you.

Pressure has been ramped up, we are being asked to peel back the layers, the beliefs, the constraints & eliminate all that doesn’t truly honestly serve us. What doesn’t ‘fit’ the true you is no longer of use, no longer relevant, so love those things, situations and release them.

Its actually pretty simple ... if somewhere down deep you believe that life is hard... it will reflect that to you… or that once you have (fill in your word; money, an education, a lover etc) life will be great - so life will keep presenting those feelings of waiting and expectation.

Know that what life is reflecting to you is some version of something you believe about yourself or ‘how life should be’,  I strongly urge you to look to this and resolve it. It is truly time to love yourself fully…do the work, cry the tears, look in the mirror and embrace who you are, love your self as you are in fact loved and happily surrender to that awesome knowledge.

You no longer need to be in total control of everything and every moment, and trying to will make you feel even more off kilter, but you can in fact surrender and allow.

Now this surrendering and allowing doesn’t mean that life won’t keep throwing up issues or problems … that’s just the Universe checking that we’ve got it… That we love ourselves, and truly respect what we are and what we need. But each time something comes up to shake you around a little, stay centered and observe it, address the feelings that come up, love them and let them go… surrender and feel the freedom!


  • Diane Sims