• 4 simple tips for being happy
  • Diane Sims
4 simple tips for being happy


Simple tips for being happy;


Always sounds so simple but it can be so damned challenging to achieve sometimes. If I start to feel out of kilter my fall backs are really pretty simple… its just doing them and feeling them that is the key;


Firstly I remember that the Universe is on my side & really wants the best for me…. And although sometimes it seems like it … it isn’t out to get me.


Second; I breathe and think of all the amazing things that I have to be grateful for… the more I feel this the ‘fuller’ I become ... and the less those hollow, empty or hurt feelings inside come into play.


Thirdly I remember what makes me feel good and what doesn’t! … I do more of the good stuff and less of the not!


And lastly I encourage myself to be present…. to really hear that song, taste that coffee, look at my kids, or just feel the breeze through the window… and I remember that right here, right in this nano second every thing is alright … and I will get to and through the next moment too… until the moments start to be enjoyable again and not just something to cope with.



  • Diane Sims