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  • Diane Sims

Advice for Christmas… YEILD. Good luck xx


I had another blog all ready to go for this months newsletter but after a chat to my dad this morning I decided to change and talk about yielding ... letting go ... trusting in the Universe and its love, support and intentions for you.

We were chatting about the requirements for juggling people, locations and everyone’s wishes for Christmas day… where, who with, timing… etc and how stressful it can all be.

I suggested that he just think about what he’d really like and not to rush into planning the day but rather let it unfold a little more slowly.


Removing the ‘what should’ be in life and allowing flow is I believe one of the most challenging things to understand and actually do. We all have our “Plans” for our lives ...even if they are just a shadow of a dream or an idea or a vague belief, that this or that might happen. But when you look back over your time does your life’s path look anything like you thought it was going to ?? Mine, I’d have to say bears no resemblance to any ideas I’d had in my younger years. And I’m grateful for that because I wouldn’t be here in this place and moment if all that has occurred hadn’t!


Attachment to a preconceived outcome is where so much pain lies…if it doesn’t work out exactly as we ‘think’ it should then it is wrong or no good, or makes us unhappy.

I am realizing the futility in struggling, that going with the flow is actually a much simpler and more straightforward, and less painful way to go… Instead deciding what I’d like, but not holding on too tightly to the ‘hows and wherefores’ of my desires. If your dream or desire doesn’t come in any form that seems to fit with your vision of it perhaps that path isn’t actually the way you are supposed to be going? Or have something happen.

Now that doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to have what you want, it just may come in a different form.

And we have to trust that its how it needs to be. So yield and go with the flow and enjoy your Christmas, in whichever form it takes. (And find your gratitude for the bits that are tough.)


Sending my very best wishes to you for a peaceful and loving Christmas.




  • Diane Sims