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  • Diane Sims
Let Go

I find January can be an excellent time to take a moment to decide what I am going to let go of ... what actions or thought patterns have been unhelpful or downright damaging in my life over the past year. Time to take a breath, reflect and look forward. There is always something so cleansing in the feeling that we can start afresh.

Here are a few of the things I have decided to let go of, maybe they will resonate with you too?

  1. The thought that my challenges are long term

Sometimes there is a feeling that situations will go on forever, I need to remember that of course this is completely untrue. When I stop and look at my life just 3 years ago I wouldn’t have guessed at how different my world would be and how the changes I have been making in my understanding of myself have been well reflected in my life.

  1. Letting go the need to have it all sorted out right now

A constant challenge for me is to master the desire to “be there” and when I’m not in my imagined ideal situation I am impatient and sometimes even cranky about it. Note to self: Must remember to enjoy the ride!!!

  1. To stop asking why certain things are happening

Instead, ask what can I learn from each situation and how can I encourage more if it’s great or how/what I could change if it’s not working for me.

  1. Letting go of the thinking that I’m not where I’m “supposed “ to be

Remembering that, I am in fact, exactly where I need to be to learn the things that I need to, to move on to the next step.

  1. Attachment to outcome

Stop giving myself a hard time if things don’t evolve/ work out exactly as I think they should. Trusting that they are as they need to be.

  1. Let go of the need to be good at things that I’m not

If we were all good at everything no-one would shine. I don’t mean that this gives me an excuse to abdicate responsibility but rather to allow myself space and not have to be perfect.


Wishing you all a great year of growth and happiness.


Diane x



  • Diane Sims