• 6 Ways to live a Kick Ass life!
  • Diane Sims
6 Ways to live a Kick Ass life!

 We all want a fantastic life ... but sometimes all the wishing for this just seems to take away from the actual… the what we have.

There is nothing wrong in wanting things to change or be different, the thing is that we have to make that so… we have the ability to alter things even if its just how we perceive them.

These are a few things that I believe helps get a kick ass life; 

  1. LOVE YOU!!

I know, I know, everyone says that… well that’s cause its true! How can we truly receive all the blessings that we want if we don’t think we are worthy or deserving. Loving your self doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes or do foolish things… we are gloriously human and beautifully imperfect. We need to learn to forgive those things, learn and move on.  

  1. Ignore the negative talk.

Now that is both external and internal. Friends who make you feel less or bring you down            with their constant dramas might not be the best energy to have around you. And your mind can be so cruel… ignore it … yup that’s it; ignore it … even if you start to feel yourself reacting to its taunting or meanness, making you feel small or worthless ... stop and decide that you don’t need to hear that, maybe replace it with a positive reflection instead. 

  1. Go with the flow.

Great to plan and have dreams, ambitions and a glorious ‘want’ list … but then you just need to let go and see where life takes you and trust that it all will work out for your higher good. If you are too rigid in you desire for things to be a certain way you will find the movement of life much harsher and those nudges that the universe uses to push us onto our correct path will feel like slaps. Keep working and strive but in a relaxed trusting way. 

  1. Have fun!

We only get one life … so enjoy it! Even if its seemingly giving you a rough time or life just seems ordinary ... find little things that spark in you… good old fashioned fun ... jumping in the waves, chasing your kids around the park till you all squeal, making a cake for your neighbour, or take that aerial yoga/writing/windsurfing class you keep looking at... LIVE.

  1. Be kind

To yourself and others and life will very quickly reflect it back to you. Everyone has a story and life going on and sometimes it is so easy to make someone else feel good with a smile or a hello...just remember that you are choosing to do it and they are not required to respond J 

  1. Gratitude

Be grateful for your life... and all the blessings you have. We all have them and if you are struggling to see them go to the most simple ; shelter, food, clean water, peace…



  • Diane Sims