• Hanging on too long?
  • Diane Sims
Hanging on too long?

 Sometimes we cling, we hold on with all our might, sure that in doing this the situation will improve… if we just love enough and hang in there… somehow if we believe strongly enough the result we want will miraculously appear or unfold. But in all of this, holding on, we are focusing on the external & we forget the true center is ourselves, our center and our intuitive nature.


We wish so fervently that the man/woman that we love would match their behavior to their words. Or wake up and see what they’re pushing away. But if we are honest deep inside we know, we know two things;

  1. He/she would if they did. (remember this is not about blame and not about you just about where they are at.)
  2. We deserve better.


I think it’s the second thing that is the most important… this deep, often hidden knowing that we deserve a real love is so frequently denied and it’s this denial that makes things not ’fit’ inside us, and this misalignment with our true guidance is what really hurts. It’s our inner self signaling us that things are not right.

We hang on because we ‘love’ the person and the idea of a relationship rather than the actual reality, and we are frightened that we wont find ‘love’ again.

But once you let go, things shift, and even though you will feel all the pain of grief and sadness at the end of something you can also feel the light coming in and all its new possibilities.


Take time to explore what you really want and why you seem to accept less.

And begin the process to be the type of person you would want to be with … remember like attracts like.

  • Diane Sims