• Diane Sims

Sometimes when we get caught up in the mess of life and start to listen the stories we tell our selves it’s hard to shake it all off and return to our center. Here are my suggestions for how to come back to yourself when you are feeling like shit. And yes you can do them immediately and no one will even know!

  1. B R E A T H E ! Deep, full breathes right down to the bottom of your belly and slowly out - 10 if you can manage it; slowly attune to your body, how it is feeling, and what it is telling you… remember don’t get caught up in it, just feel it and keep breathing.
  1. You are in control of your mind! – Remember its just your mind telling you whoppers and bollocks… and you actually don’t need to listen because it lies… stop the self punishment and meanness and move to what makes you feel good. Only talk to yourself the way you would want someone you love to talk to you!
  1. Connect with your inner self – I always struggled so much with this; thinking I had to do something terrifically hard or incredibly special to achieve this but then I discovered that if I just stopped for a moment and closed my eyes and felt that inner space, that was all it took. Now I ‘check in’ with myself many times a day just to re-center.
  1. Change your internal dialogue - Recognize those mean words and change them. I find affirmations really help me with this… I even have then entered into my phone reminders so I don’t forget. My new favorite; “Things are always working out for me.”.. When I see that it catches me and I remember that things do actually always work out for the best and I feel settled again. 
  1. Look for Grace.. by this I mean when you are out and about in your day really look for the things that show you grace in process in the world; little or big it doesn’t matter. Today I zoomed up to my local café to grab a coffee, my mind full of the messy mind stuff ( thus this blog) and I caught myself and reminded myself to look for grace.. I walked into the café and was told my coffee was on the lady before me as she was off overseas for a while and had a spare left on her coffee card.. Ha! So with a grin I accepted and felt blessed with the very blatant display of grace that had been sent for me.
  • Diane Sims