• Conditions on Love?
  • Diane Sims
Conditions on Love?

Do you have conditions on love?

Conditions on being loved?

Do you have rules around how good, or how kind, or sexy, or polite, or intelligent, or ??? Some thing you have to be or do to be loved?

If your house is clean and the meals are amazing then you can be? … & if not ??!!! Well then what can you expect??

Maybe you have to pass everything with top marks?

Or have achieved that massive goal,

Or look the best??

Or have earned it.... some how?

Those external requirements drummed into us at a young age shape our relationships with ourselves, and others for ever, or until we choose to look at them and decide if they are actually right for us, or even actually true at all.

The Universe doesn’t love you based on your cooking skills, your ability to make big money, how hard you work or your perfectly manicured nails. The Universe loves you because you ARE.

We are unconditionally loved no matter what.

How intensely powerful and over whelming is that thought? No if’s, but's or maybe’s, just love… for you… just as you are.

How freeing and uplifting to not have to strive, and try, and exert to be loved ... but just to be…. And know that you are loved.

D xx


So today when you read this KNOW that you are… and see how it feels, and maybe what it brings up in you.

Unfold, unfurl and allow any pain or happiness at that thought; follow it and appreciate it and still know; You Are Loved.


  • Diane Sims