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  • Diane Sims
L E A N ...

When I was learning to ski one of the hardest aspects of it was that I needed to let go of my rational, logical mind and trust… trust that the friend teaching me was right, and not insane and that leaning out over my skis’ and not hugging the land was indeed the correct and in fact only way to ski! Leaning out into the unknown and trusting that it would work and I would be ok and would not crash (too many times) was intense… and so contradictory to my very loud thoughts ... but when I did; when I let go and just followed the knowledge, it worked! And I skied!

 My lessons in this life have been all around trust too, trust that I am enough, trust that I am loved… even if not by whom I thought I wanted, trust that my life and reason for being is to be present and be me, and is continuously evolving and flowing.

Trust that the path and all the bumps and events and synchronicity's are indeed for my long term good. I believe that we co create …some of our reality is purely shaped by our thoughts and beliefs; other events are pre-determined, placed on our path for us to trip over, walk around or embrace.

We cannot understand life if we just read about it, or are told about it, to understand we must encounter life, we must travel the road and tell the tales of the experiences that we have been fully immersed in and have absorbed into our souls. This is how we expand and shine and become. It doesn’t have to break us and embitter us, but we do earn the wisdom that we seek.

Lately my path has included a new requirement of massive trust and I am again asked to let go of the fear and trust that the Universe has my back. I can honestly say even with all the understanding I have already gained, I feel the anxiety and doubts rise up, I feel the jangling of my mind shaking its cage and whispering its fear quietly and subtly. So now is when I decide, whether to rush in and follow the path of my minds story or not. Or do I take that massive deep breath and lean out over my ski’s and learn something new??? Lean again, and again into trust; of me and my connection to Source and its unconditional love.

 I’m choosing to LEAN… :)

  • Diane Sims