• RIP Wayne Dyer
  • Diane Sims
RIP Wayne Dyer

My blog changed this week from my original idea after hearing Wayne Dyer speak. Just a few days ago, I was one of the lucky ones who had the massive pleasure of hearing him in Auckland.

His words and energy were astounding and while listening to him something in me moved or shifted, like it was the final action of things falling into place for me; like some ancient vault and key clicking into an opening.

He talked about all of us being spirit in human form, that we are all one and all light and all source (or God, or Universe – which ever vernacular suits you) We ARE that magnificent, and that blessed; all bundled up in this human body, experiencing this human existence.

Listening to Wayne’s words transformed my; “No really? Me? I can’t be” to “Ok great, wow that’s me?! … (and you, and you and you That feeling of the huge ever present life force in us, that just is, in all it’s rightness and magic, is ours always.“

The echo’s of my school Chaplin informing us that we were not worthy to eat the crumbs beneath Gods feet, become ridiculous in their limited controlling nature. Instead I FELT the understanding that we are light and that this light is ever present. We don’t have to work for it, or prove something or achieve some certain level of suffering or greatness or … NOTHING. We just are. We all have it and are connected to it NO MATTER WHAT. No massive endless learning and trying to connect, it is there. Always.

How cool! and exciting and freeing!

For me this is a huge understanding, and the ramifications are enormous.

You are enough,

You are source by just being,

You are light.

Funny how I had seen & heard & read all those words before… but it was this time that made it different. I think before I had wanted to believe it but perhaps deep down I felt I hadn’t done enough to deserve it.


Everyone is presently so busy finding their passion, chasing dreams and doing. Seeking the rightness through work, children, service etc. Trying, and pushing with action planned super hypo lists of how you are going to conquer the world ... but maybe we just have to show up. To be ourselves; no boxes of conformity, or being realistic, or doing it the right way, but rather do your job/ business, your life, the way that feels right to you, to that inside part of you that is unique and individual and source. It knows and only wants the best for you.


Now I don’t mean sit around doing nothing, and just feeling your fabulousness and waiting for life’s magnificence to come knocking on the door. Cause that makes no sense either… life has to be occurring for you to respond to it and understand what lights you up and what doesn’t.


Wayne Dyer wrote; prolifically, enthusiastically and brilliantly. He translated ideas and concepts and learning’s into words and stories and understanding for millions of people, who along with him unfolded in to this knowing, this connection. The other night he spoke of how much his writing had changed and how different the path now was for him, and of how much he loved his adventures.

His passing shocked me; he was so vital and had such energy to share his learning’s. And I am so very grateful to him for following his inner self that wanted him to cross the ditch and do one weekday evening in Auckland, incase his words were important to someone…


RIP Wayne Dyer and thank you so much for your you-ness, it was magnificent.

  • Diane Sims