• Diane Sims


This is such a huge issue for so many people, especially at the moment, and the very strong opposite is lack or scarcity. That dark side or flip side that everything in life has; just like love/hate, fear/trust; all the differences and balances in our existence that we encounter daily.

Perhaps you could try looking at abundance in a different way;

ABUNDANCE is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

If you have a belief that you are lacking in something then you have an abundance of lack and the Universe will happily reflect that back to you… until that is you decide to shift that feeling and attract a different version of abundance. The issue isn’t learning how to be abundant but rather questioning ‘What am I defining abundance to be?’

We have an assumption (and perhaps a requirement) that abundance has to be represented by money. With this assumption we limit ourselves to the ways in which abundance can be delivered to us, closing doors on options that may be equally fulfilling and required. Opening up to the possibilities that abundance can be presented in many forms is a great start to allowing more abundance into your life. 

I guess part of this is to remember what we need the abundance for ... if it is just for a never ending cycle of consumption of products then perhaps it is time to reassess this and discover what we are trying to feel while busily getting the latest new things, what attention our soul is actually calling for that we think a new dress or iphone will cover.

Don’t get me wrong obviously; in the way we live currently money is a true and valid requirement, but sometimes we need to really decide truthfully how much is enough?

And if you are going through a lean time perhaps check in with your fear and beliefs around abundance and find out what you are projecting out into the world (and thus getting reflected back at you). The power of this cannot be underestimated, and facing those fears and finding renewed calmness and trusting is a gigantic leap of faith ... but when there is no other way, breathing and trusting and taking each day moment by moment is the only way forward.

Finding abundance in the little and simple things helps grow those feeling of trust too; abundance in friendships, the love you get from your kids or partner, the pure enjoyment of a great coffee/smoothie/icecream, the free herbs that are growing in your garden?? Abundance comes in many forms; remember to allow them all.

We are all part of a greater whole that loves and celebrates us and wants us to be full and happy expressions of who we are and will support us in achieving that.

Oh and just a side note; remember that discovering and letting go of core beliefs’ that no longer serve you can be an exciting and wonderful thing, don’t be fooled into thinking that because they can be negative the dismantling of them has to be too!!! (Perhaps I need to write more on this one?? Another time )

 Have a great month!

Diane x

  • Diane Sims