• Say yes to you
  • Diane Sims
Say yes to you

Can you make this the year that you love yourself?

To accept, embrace and really love you?

Take some time to witness yourself, learn about what lights you up, what brings you down, or what bores you to sobs? And then allow it all?

Settle down quietly, with only you and listen to that inner knowing, that inner sense and allow its guidance & wholeness to fill you up.

Then, when you are annoyed or mad at yourself, connect to that inner wholeness and allow those feelings just to be felt… no need to dissect them or overly analyze them or criticize yourself ... just feel them and allow them; grief, sorrow, frustration, anything that comes up. Know that when you connect to this inner part of you, you are safe and it is ok to feel and just be with what ever is happening for you.

Also observe when you are happy, where you feel it in your body, and learn about that easy relaxed side too.

If you discover things about yourself that you want to change, then do, all the while being kind and gentle with yourself.


How? Whenever I hear my internal nagging or criticism start, I breathe and tell myself “I love you”. I think of how much I love my kids, or my animals and even though they may annoy me or infuriate me, I wholly and completely love them, so I have started to transfer that feeling of love to myself. Knowing that even though my cat has made it his life’s mission to slowly destroy all my furniture I still adore him and his purring, meandering ways. I allow for all the facets of him and love him still… now I am doing that for me too.

My grief at past events or relationships doesn’t mean I can’t move on ... it just means that I am human and I feel. My past fury at myself that my life hasn’t turned out as I had intended now makes me laugh and contemplate my arrogance that I thought I had the “right” way all planned out.

I no longer discount or try to suppress my ego, but realize that it too is just a facet of me, the raw and often unfiltered part that brings up all the beliefs and issues that need attention and love. It is my personality, so why would I try to squish it? For it is what makes me individual and is the version that I bring to this world at this time.

Love and enjoy all your aspects; your human-ness, your ego, your soul for all of these parts make up what is intrinsically, uniquely and wholly you.

Love of yourself is imperative, yes we can survive, as humans it is hard wired into us but for joy and happiness we need love, and as life reflects our internal world self love is truly vital.

All the best, Diane x


“I know not who I am,

simply that I am

forever becoming

exactly what I am

meant to be.”           Becca Lee

  • Diane Sims