• Change.
  • Diane Sims

Things are changing, new energies are about and we need to change and move with them. Like ying & yang or night & day can’t be without the other, both our internal and external aspects of life require equal amounts of love and attention.

While going within has been crucial to our development & self-understanding, we now need to be really aware of how we are showing up in this world, how we are interacting, how we are living. Waiting and believing that if you meditate hard enough or become spiritual enough suddenly life will be solved in front of our eyes just isn’t going to happen.

Both aspects of our lives are important; our meditations, quiet times & reflection and our relationships, work and the actual existing part of our existence. When life feels stagnant or frustrating it is tempting to constantly go within and reflect on what we are learning from this and /or try to work out what needs to be changed within… when the actual requirement might just be to change things externally; move, shift, shake things up & bring new energy in to your life, from the seemingly insignificant way you plan your week and / or day; to the more intense things like unhappy relationships that you constantly manage, juggle and deal with.

Routines can be great but they can also feel intensely draining like that dreary Groundhog Day repetition.

Perhaps you are not in a situation that you can, or want to sweepingly change but invite the new energy in by changing the small things that you can; drink tea instead of coffee, go for a walk instead of a meal for your date night, go to yoga instead of the gym or visa versa. Read instead of meditating… even sit in a different place on your couch! Change things.

Invite new energy, and invite new life into yours.

When we look at the physical world around us we can understand that the universe that is governed by the simple truth of circulating energy. (eg; nature with its constant process of change and cycles.)

Stagnation is our bodies way of letting us know that we need to shake things up a little… and boogie with life, instead of waiting for ‘it’ to happen. Participate in your life and it will serve you, flow with you. And remember always to love you, both inside and out.

Have a great month!   Diane xx




  • Diane Sims