• Testing times?
  • Diane Sims
Testing times?

The world just feels strange at the moment and I believe we are really being tested and pushed. What do you really believe? how strong is your faith, love, trust?

All in all a very intense time, and seemingly mirrored by the madness in the world around us; from the election turmoil in the US, to global warming and the refugee crisis, it all can seem so out of control.

But really what it is, is a huge encouragement to keep coming back to your self, centering and trusting grace, light, goodness… whatever you like to call it; feeling that presence of now and existing moment to moment.

So will the worry eat away my peace or will my understanding that worry only changes my quality of life prevail? At this time I finally see the advantage of aging… with a past that we can look to and understand.. why things happened.. how we repeat things we need to learn, and how eventually things do work out for the best.

Take steps forward and being gentle with yourself. Become really aware of what is challenging you and how it feels and if it is real. It is our reaction to events that create the pain or fear, not the events them selves. We are not calling this chaos to us; it is around for us to really learn who we are. I keep thinking of that saying that a diamond is just a chunk of coal that has been through massive pressure… I have decided I want to be the diamond. ;)

Perhaps, like when you are white water rafting and you fall out, you just need to keep your head above water, point your feet down stream and let the river take you… and maybe don’t read the news… especially if you are feeling vulnerable! And look for the good things in our world, the people raising their voices against inequality, inaction or greed, and know we are not alone in knowing things need to change. Even at the sparkly Oscars Leonardo Dicaprio managed to lift his voice for good, not just glamour.


Truly best wishes to you all.


  • Diane Sims