• Feel your Feelings
  • Diane Sims
Feel your Feelings

Your emotional vibration is the key to your alignment with your inner self, your inner guidance. The resonance or dissonance of how you feel is guiding you; to ‘go that way’ or ‘no not there’… When you have an experience you can feel either the ease and good feeling of it or the opposite; the harmony of hanging out with certain people or doing certain things and the disharmony when it is making you feel uncomfortable or unhappy. So this emotional vibration is what you are beaming out to the world… the dull heaviness of sadness or longing or the light ease of happiness and joy.

Wanting, needing, desiring… you have these thoughts to help you understand where you want to be, but if you stay there wanting and needing, that becomes the ‘set of your dial’ so to speak... it becomes what is ... you stay in a constant state of wanting, and needing, and that will then be what you consistently receive… wanting not getting.

We have such a hard time trusting that what we want will come, that what we want is possible. Surely it can’t be that easy? To desire and then just trust the instincts that arise for us to follow... but it is. Our attachment to struggle is what holds us back, holds us in a place of yearning and wishing.

So Trust your feelings, notice them and how they internally make you feel; yes or no… left or right… up or down, play with them and get to know them, make mistakes and start again. Know that they are reflective of the true you. Also try to remember that how your desires show up may not be as you expect or in the timing you want… but they are there waiting for you to match the vibration. And know that the falling off the good feeling bike is absolutely and totally part of the game of being human… so don’t beat yourself up, just get back on and push the peddles and keep on going.

  • Diane Sims