• Peace in Chaos
  • Diane Sims
Peace in Chaos

I don’t know about you, but the world is feeling rather mad and pretty extreme at the moment; and staying calm, at peace and aligned can definitely be more challenging. Although this feels hard and at times frustrating, we are being encouraged to strengthen our ability to connect and understand, in depth, the process of this connection or alignment (and what tips us off our path). This learning helps us observe how we respond to the fluctuations of our own lives and the mass consciousness.

 Coming to grips with the possibility that someone such as Donald Trump is potentially the next leader of one of the most powerful countries and economies in the world is surreal… suddenly it seems that lies are interchangeable with truth and no one even knows which are which, and fear and bigotry are acceptable on a world stage. I find myself asking what strange alternate reality am I in? Refugees spilling out of war torn countries, terrorist attacks that seem to come almost weekly, Britain as divided and disrupted as the US, Rio hiding the stark reality of poverty, and deprivation behind walls, whilst trying to show a ‘we’re all fantastic’ face.

Why, are there suddenly such radical extremes of shadow? Of fear? In my heart I feel that the world is in the chaos that inevitably comes before change... just like in physics… where just at the point of shift from one ‘way’ or ‘state’ to another there is indefinable chaos. When water shifts to steam, there is utter bedlam in the form of boiling… no easy, relaxed slide from still, calm water to warm, smooth steam… but instead a feisty, high energy, chaotic boiling… then smooth, warm steam.

Do remember that in our world there is also a strong global fervor for change, for compassion, peace and love… and it is showing up in many, varied and wonderful iterations: environmental groups educating and creating change worldwide; a huge surge in mindfulness and meditation- in parks, online, in schools and businesses; questioning of the status quo; engagement of faith that is self aligned instead of through indoctrinated religions, just to name a few. (It just all seems to take a back seat to the attention grabbing horror of the latest bombs or political lies and half truths in the media- both social and mainstream.)

Our desire for a better world to BE in is innate in every one of us. So focus on the good in your life and in the world, take the time to acknowledge your fears, and shine a light on them. Come back to the moment and remind yourself of the blessings you have in your life. Breathe, love yourself and hold the light. This to shall pass.

  • Diane Sims