• Who are you really being?
  • Diane Sims
Who are you really being?

Today is a New Moon in Cancer & according to the astrologers it’s all about the opportunity to re-birth… what do you desire to feel about yourself & your life? This new moon has a strong energy to strip away, to get to the truth.

I don’t know about you but as I evolve the ‘Me’ I want is just so much more personal and individual and less collective and societal. I want who I am to reflect the values that I hold dear. But more than just the words … I need to be in touch with how I want to present and how real/actual that is.

Am I kind, loving and calm? – Some times but definitely not all the time - my kids will attest to that! When I assess those less than calm moments or unloving times I have realized that more often than not I am totally stuck in my head, fixating on what should or shouldn’t be or how people should or shouldn’t behave… ridiculous in hindsight... and controlling really. When I let go of pre-deciding how something or someone should be I have a much easier time, and life flows more easily. 

By coming back to my heart, I immediately relax and see things for what they are… just moments that I can react to or can just observe and decide if I truly need to engage with… ( * obvious disclaimer that abusive or inappropriate behavior isn’t acceptable & choices need to be made about remaining in that type of environment/situation.)

Some times what comes up in me; is that in being loving and kind and allowing things to flow I am some how being weak and/or a push over... that to be strong and independent I must be staunch and tough and have a shield around me … but what I have discovered is the shield repels good things as well as bad and isolation is the only thing that comes from those types of barriers. I am working out that being loving is in fact a true strength, and it makes me feel good!

So my suggestion is find those ways of being that rock your world, and Be them, and watch your world reflect them back to you!

  • Diane Sims