Halo Smith

Hi I am Diane and Halo Smith came about when I started to make bracelets for friends who were each going through really tough times in their lives..they were searching for something special, something meaningful and something real - actual, that they could touch and feel..Something to wear to their chemo sessions, their court case, their work each day.  

Why crystals?? well for years, while going through some pretty tough times of my own, I would shove them into my bra; to keep them close (and it was easier than trying to walk around holding them!) I loved crystals because they always seemed special and so individual;  I loved their meanings, I loved the rainbows inside them .. I mean how can something that has been buried for 1000's of years have a rainbow inside it and NOT be special! Then I started to make them into pieces that I & friends could wear.

I realised I wanted other woman to feel the connection and reassurance of these now unburied treasures.. something to wear and touch and look at; to remind them that they ARE special, important, worthy. ( replace any of these with an adjective that suits you) Everyone has magnificent light in them (or halos) but often effort is required for us to believe that, or even understand that; sometimes we need constant reminders, talisman or touchstones... Rose Quartz for Love, Citrine for abundance... so many options!

Our journeys are challenging and diverse but we all need support and love, I hope that Halo Smith can bring you just a little of that so you can rock your Halo of light!