Stone Information

For thousands of years, people have used crystals as touchstones, for their beauty & vibrancy. They are known to release mental, spiritual and physical blocks, freeing the flow of energy though out the body and soul.

All objects are formed with energy, and we are naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals as they transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy.

So as something special and natural to wear, enjoy and remind yourself of your uniqueness… a touchstone. Choose which stone feels right for you, treat yourself to something that was formed millenniums ago and carries a rare and timeless energy.


AMAZONITE - The stone of TRUTH

A soothing stone that gives you courage and conviction in communicating your truth. Keeps you aware of the balance of divine timing. Balances male and female energies.


AMETHYST - The stone of spirituality and contentment. A powerful & protective stone. Brings balance to intellectual, emothional and physical bodies. Betstows stability, strength and peace, true power of serenity.


CITRINE - The stone of abundance + joy. Carries the power of the sun. Warming, energising and highly creative. A happy and generous stone, that encourages you to live your life fully on every level.


CLEAR QUARTZ - The stone of power. the most powerful healing and energy amplifying stone. Excellent for meditation, spiritual healing & development. * Clear Quartz resonates at exactly the same energy vibration frequency as humans.



The Stone of Progress + Stability,
 Cleanses + stabilises the aura. Grounds and integrates spiritual energies. Dissolves fixed behaviour and gently opens the door to change.


LABRADORITE - The stone of consciousness & self esteem. Raises your connection with universal energies and strengthens intuition. banishes fear & insecurities, and increase faith in self. Calms an over active mind. This stone helps you to understand your abilities and attune themselves to their souls purpose.


MOONSTONE - The stone of new beginnings and divine intuition. Strongly connected to the moon. Reminds us that everything is part of the cycle of change. Feminine and full of ancient wisdom and intuition. Calming emotions and bringing composure.


OBSIDIAN - The stone of protection and self reflection. A very powerful healing stone that absorbs negativity and offers protection. A stone of self reflection, aids in bringing clarity to emotions. Promotes compassion and strength.


ROSE QUARTZ - The stone of love. The heart stone that calms and is full of unconditional love. Purifies the heart and emotionally heals. Attracts love of yourself and others. Pure energies of love, kindness and harmony.



Natural stones and crystals are delicate and may crack or shatter if dropped or banged against a hard surface. To ensure their endurance, treat with care. 

Halo Smith Jewellery is crafted with love and care, all metal components are sterling silver ensuring the highest quality and longevity.

Please be advised that it is best for the pieces not to be worn in the shower or the sea.


To clean the stones/crystals energy place in moon light or sunlight for 4 hours ( please note some crystals can loose their colour intensity if placed in sunlight too often).